Speak English Tactfully & Elegantly - Module I

Speak English Tactfully & Elegantly - Module I

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o Overall length: 3 hours
o Minimum English proficiency level required: low-high Intermediate

A total of eleven lessons are designed in this module to help you learn key functional English that matters most in a typical workplace in North America. Each lesson includes:
o Step-by-step guidelines that work like magic
o Key phrases that are appropriate to use at work
o Idioms, commonly used in today’s workplace
o Review of grammars at high level, supported by examples and/ or engaging exercises
o Animated dialogues, showcasing real-world situations
o Quizzes, testing your comprehension of each lesson

In this course, you'll learn:
o What attitudes and behaviours are considered appropriate and are preferred in a North American workplace
o How to communicate more effectively with your fellow workers in order to be liked, respected and trusted by them

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Speak English Tactfully & Elegantly - Module I

12 Videos